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Shantung fabric is an elegant fabric that has a slight shine with a crisp, coarse feeling to it. Made from fibers such as cotton, silk, or polyester, shantung fabric is woven in a ribbed style weave with uneven horizontal threads. This weaving process results in shantung fabric having a coarse texture and “handmade” appearance. Shantung fabric is available in a variety of colors and styles. For example, Iridescent Silk Shantung Fabric is woven with multiple-colored threads for an iridescent effect; Shantung fabric is also available in plaid and stripe patterns.

Shantung fabric is great for crafting apparel and décor. Due to the fabrics’ crisp nature, shantung fabric is great for holding shapes on garments. Use shantung fabric to sew gowns, bridal wear, or other formal apparel. Shantung fabric can also be used to craft chic décors such as curtains, table covers, and bedding.
Buy shantung fabric by the yard or in bulk by the roll. Shantung fabric is always sold at wholesale prices. Shop shantung fabric today!

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