Dupioni fabric is a crisp, light to medium weight, textured fabric. Made from silk, or silk alternatives such as polyester, dupioni fabric is woven in a plain weave style with uneven horizontal weft threads; this gives dupioni fabric its famous textured appearance. Dupioni fabric can be woven with multiple colored threads for an iridescent effect, as seen in Iridescent Silk Dupioni fabric, or embellished with beads, sequins, and other accessories like in Silk Dupioni Checkered Embroidered fabric.  Woven tightly with fine threads, dupioni fabric is a highly lustrous fabric with an elegant appearance. Light to medium weight when hung, dupioni fabric has a graceful flow and drape.

Dupioni fabric is stylish and luxurious. Easy to sew with, dupioni fabric can be used to create wonderful fashion apparel, accessories, and décor. Some great dupioni fabric project ideas include blouses, skirts, dresses, formalwear, handbag lining, window treatments, bedding, table covers, and SEW much more.

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