SPOTLIGHT: Imperial Decorations Event Design

SPOTLIGHT: Imperial Decorations Event Design

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Q&A with Saba Kamran, Lead Designer of Imperial decorations

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

A: I create unique solutions for all types of event designs and décor. Our work includes setting up backdrops, centerpieces, linens, drapes, lighting and more. Our clientele is largely made up of the South Asian communities in the Washington DC area.




Q: How do you use fabric in your business and which fabrics do you use?

A: We’re using all sorts of fabric for our event decorations. One of our popular choices is the Crepe Back Satin fabric. We use this satin fabric for draping at our events – we prefer this over other satin fabrics because it’s heavier in construction, which gives the drapes a fuller effect.  We also frequently use the Sheer Voile (118”) fabric for high ceilings and tent drapes because of its wide width!



Q: How did you get into Event Design and Décor?

A: Designing and decorating events has always been my passion, however I didn’t have much experience when I first started. My background is in finance and I previously worked in corporate before dipping my toes in event planning. At first event design started off as a part-time job, but after a few months and some motivational words from my husband, I quit my corporate job and started working on this full-time.




Q: Do you enjoy being an entrepreneur?

A: Yes, of course. Working for one’s self is amazing; there are definitely a lot of benefits. However, there are also a lot of responsibilities. I can never really clock out as a business owner, so there is a lot of work involved.



Q: Do you have any advice for prospective entrepreneurs?

A: Do your research. Explore if the industry and the lifestyle is a good fit for you. Also, don’t invest too heavily in the beginning - start small and grow steadily.


Check out Saba Kamran’s website below!

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