Creative Ways to Use Fabric at Your Wedding

Creative Ways to Use Fabric at Your Wedding

From DIY drapes to decorations to a beautiful backdrop, with the big day on most people’s minds, here are some creative ways to use fabric at your wedding.
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Everyone wants their ideal wedding. For some, this is in a church, mosque, or synagogue. For others, this can be outside in the forest or on a farm. Wherever you decide to have your wedding, there are some essentials to know. While the cake, rings, decorations, flowers, and guests are all important, one thing many couples don’t consider is how they can enhance their wedding for less. The best way to do that while saving time and money is through DIY fabric creations. Here are some creative ways to use fabric at your wedding through beautiful backdrops, homemade shelters, centerpieces, paper and program details, garment accessories, and DIY decorations. You’ll see that even small changes and fabric designs can improve any outdoor wedding reception with some flair and creativity.

Beautiful Backdrops

One of the most common uses for fabric at a wedding is to create beautiful backdrops. A backdrop is a painted or styled cloth used as background decoration. They’re popular at weddings due to their photogenic aesthetics. Use fabrics to create bountiful backdrops at your wedding. There are many themes to choose from, like rustic winter, calligraphy, ethereal, dark floral, or ribbon. Whichever one you opt for, be mindful of the fabrics used. Consider nylon chiffon, sheer drapery, premium broadcloth, tulle, silk, or printed fabric for aesthetics. Each of these options can add a soft, lightweight, and flowy feel for the ideal wedding atmosphere.

Fabric Shelters or Refreshment Stations

Besides backdrops, you may also consider building fabric shelters. Teepees, canopies, and frames help create an elegant, rustic outdoor wedding experience. When designing the ideal wedding, fabric drapery over wooden frames ensures picturesque eye-appeal. Feel free to decorate these structures however you see fit. Add flowers, sticks, lanterns, string lights, tables, chairs, blankets, quilts, and/or cushions for the best photogenic space. Lace, floral, chiffon, nylon, and sequin mesh are great fabrics for creating a bohemian outdoor structure or refreshment station.


Weddings are naturally expensive unless you go the minimalist route. However, using fabric for decorations saves you money while still allowing you to enjoy a decorative wedding theme. Decorate the bouquet using streamers made from ribbon or denim. Personalize place settings with fabric napkins and utensil holders. Consider displaying the menu on these cloth sheets for further creativity. Also, decorate refreshment holders, like cookie wrappers, popcorn cones, and other handheld favors using cloth holders. Fabrics help liven your wedding with creative designs, styles, and colors that typical flowers or decorations may lack.

Programs and Paper Details

Liven up your programs and paper details with fabrics. Once these are properly printed and labeled, use fabric to primp the edges and covers. Laminate the fabric to the edges so they remain in place. Paper photocopies are often inexpensive, and adding fabric adds creative flair many people neglect. Your invites will become too pretty to toss. You can also use fabric to help organize the accepted from rejected. Use denim on the return card so you can distinguish those who RSVP'd than those who haven’t. Another idea is to spruce up your programs. Using your favorite fabric, staple it to each program and card display for festive flair. When seating family, friends, and other guests, use color-coordinated fabric, such as colored fabric pieces, for further organization.

Table Displays and Centerpieces

While flowers are the go-to wedding centerpiece, and you can revitalize yours with a dazzling fabric wrap. Printed fabrics are an ideal choice because of their stylish design. Floral patterns are most appropriate given their purpose, but use whichever suits the wedding theme best. Consider a strong adhesive when applying fabrics to plant pots or other centerpieces so it doesn’t fall or lose shape. Another idea is distinguishing each table with its own fabric display. Whether you’re using one color or style, simplicity eliminates confusion and hassle. You want your wedding to go as effortlessly as possible, so use any option available. Go all out with the displays for the sweetheart or main table where the couple sits. Use a separate color to identify this from the other tables or add various flowers and fabric centerpieces to further set it apart.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

Two essential roles in any wedding are the flower girl and ring bearer, and here are some more creative ways to use fabric at your wedding. Fabric can easily enhance the flower girl’s and ring bearer outfits on the big day. Use fabric to create a flower girl petticoat in case any unexpected bodily changes come up. Sew denim layers and eyelets onto a store-bought dress. The extra fabric will hide any growth spurt or injuries. Additionally, create pom-pom headbands for a fun, floral-wreath alternative. Wrap fabric around a store-bought headband and tie a poof or bow using the same material on top. You can also use a fabric brain to contour the hair.

For the ring bearers, create a fabric-based ring pillow for a creative twist on a classic tradition. Denim is a great option since you can layer different shades for an ombre effect. Each layer also creates a pocket to house the rings. Another idea is to create elbow patches that can spruce up their shirts. Using your fabric of choice, sew these patches for color and creativity onto any plain dress shirt. Even DIY fabric bowties are great accessories. Use a cloth fabric to create a personalized bow tie suitable for any ring bearer or groomsmen.

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Creative Ways to Use Fabric at Your Wedding

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