DIY Athletic Wear Tutorial

DIY Athletic Wear Tutorial

A DIY Athletic Wear Sewing Tutorial Using DTY Brushed Fabric

Everyone usually starts their New Years Resolution during the first month of the new year. However, for me I started it in the middle of the year. Like most others, their resolution is to “get in shape”. When I went to the store to pick out some new workout clothes. I was sad to see there wasn’t anything to interest me.

With that being said, I decided to make it my mission to create something both fashionable and useful during my workouts at the gym.



2 hours



  1. Print out the sheets of the sports bra and tape them together.

  2. I skipped a couple of steps. Prior to this photo. I generally have a larger bust, so what I did was add an extra two inches when cutting the sports bra pattern on the main fabric, the Senzo African print. After cutting out the two pieces, you’re going to lay them on your DTY Double sided brush fabric. This will be used for the lining. ( If you will prefer a sturdier lining or top, get an extra yard of the Ponte De Roma.)

  3. Pin the front of sports bra to the back like shown above.

  4. Repeat A3 step with the lining.

  5. Next, you’re going to put the “wrong sides of the lining and the main fabric together.

  6. For some extra visuals, here is a closer look at what it will look like when you’re pinning the ‘wrong sides together’.

  7. This is what the sports bra will look like inside out after pinning and sewing the two pieces together.

  8. Turn the piece inside out. Now we’re going to hem around all the edges. The arm holes, the bottom, and the neckline.

  9. When hemming the bottom and the rest of the garment, I used the zig-zag stitch to ensure that the hemming doesn’t stretch too much and that it stays in place.

  10. Here is an extra visual on what it will look like when you hem the back of the sports bra.

  11. After hemming. It is time for you to work on the sports shorts!
    Print out the free pattern and align them accordingly with the page numbers at the bottom of each page. Then tape all the pieces together.

  12. Lay the waistband, front, side back, and crotch patterns on top of the Ponte De Roma fabric. Be sure to cut the crotch piece on the fold of the fabric.

  13. Cut the side panel on the same fabric you’re using for your sports bra like shown above. You’re going to then align the curving of the piece with the side back pattern on the left and the front of the fabric on the right. Repeat the same process with the other side (this time the side back and front will be flipped).

  14. Use the zig-zag stitch again when sewing the front, side panel and back pieces together.

  15. Pin the front pieces together using the zig-zag stitch.

  16. Sew the back pieces together using the zig zag stitch again.

  17. Once everything is sewn together, it’s time to add the crotch piece to the garment. Pin the crotch piece to the rest of the garment like shown above.

  18. When you pin the crotch piece across the entire bottom of the garment, it should look something like the photo shown above.

  19. Now that the crotch piece is finished, it’s time to add the waistband. You can either have two pieces sewn together, or you may also just cut this piece on the fold of the Ponte De Roma Fabric. If you’re opting towards having two separate pieces, go ahead and sew them together.

  20. After sewing the waistband together, pin the piece to the top of your shorts.

  21. Next, it’s time to hem the bottom of the shorts. Once you’re finished pinning and hemming the garment, then your work out clothes will be complete.


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