DIY Black Adam Bodysuit Tutorial

DIY Black Adam Bodysuit Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to create a black Adam's bodysuit using matte milliskin, foil spandex and charmeuse satin fabric. A new cosplay to add to your collection.
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Project Description

Black Adam Rival to DC's Captain Marvel is one for the Villain hall of fame. Cunning, cold, and strategic in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make this costume while making a bodysuit.


Here's what you will need!

Black Adam Bodysuit

STEP 1 Cutting

Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements

STEP 2 Sleeves

To make sleeves, put your sleeve pieces with the right sides facing each other and stitch. Hem the edges and turn them right side out.

STEP 3 Adam's Bolt Symbol

To create Black Adams bolt symbol I drew and cut out a pattern on Gold Spandex to place on the front of the bodysuit.

STEP 4 Attaching the Symbol

Place the symbol on the front of the bodysuit and attach it with a Zig-Zag stitch.

STEP 5 Sewing Front and Back

Place the Front bodysuit and back bodysuit pieces together at the sides, crotch, and shoulders using sewing pins and sew with right sides together.

STEP 6 Checkpoint

Turn the bodysuit right side out and check the fit. At this step, you can take in the suit to ensure it fits the aesthetic you're looking for.

STEP 7 Attach Sleeves

To attach your sleeves pin them in the armhole's right sides touching the bodysuit and stitch..

STEP 8 Attach Zipper

Attach your 24" zipper pin to the bodysuit opening and sew until you reach the bottom. Hem the neckline and your bodysuit will be complete.

STEP 9 Adam's Boot

To make Black Adams boots we're going to make a boot cover pattern by tracing an existing shoe and adding the length you want.

STEP 10 Cut Boot Covers

Cut 4 of the boot cover pieces as you will need 2 for each boot.

STEP 11 Attach Boot Covers

With right sides together pin boot cover pieces right sides together leaving an open at the bottom to slide your shoe into and stitch hemming the top of the boot cover to finish.

STEP 12 Adam's Cape

To make your cape you can create your own pattern or use a different pattern. I used Mccalls M8127 ironing out the pattern before cutting out my cape and hood pieces. I cut out a total of 2 1 for the outer layer and 1 for the inner.

STEP 13 Attach Hood To Cape

Pin your hood to your cape for both inner and outer layers and then attach them right sides together leaving an opening for you to turn the cape right side out. Slip stitch the opening closed.

STEP 14 Adam's Sash

To make Black Adams sash sew and hem a piece of spandex the same width as your waist. Attach hook and eye clasps to enable it to close.

STEP 15 Arm Bands

Lastly, you will need to make armbands to do this. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric the desired length and the width of your wrist.

STEP 16 Stitch Arm Bands

Pin the pieces' right sides facing each other and stitch, hemming the top and bottom of both armbands to complete them.

STEP 17 Stitch Waistband And Skirt

Pin waistband to skirt and stitch.

STEP 18 Attach Cape And Bodysuit

Your costume is now complete to attach your cape to the shoulders of your bodysuit use 2 small brooch pins.

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