DIY Corset Cosplay Sewing Tutorial

DIY Corset Cosplay Sewing Tutorial

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to how to sew a corset! I will be using this corset pattern to transform myself into Elizabeth Comstock from the Bioshock video game series!



6 Hours




  1. Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements for the corset! (Corsets should have negative ease so make sure to size down) Make a mockup of your corset using some cotton fabric and make any adjustments if needed.

  2. Taking the front pieces sew the sections together along the center front seam. Press the seam open so that it is flat

  3. With right sides together pin front to middle sections and stitch. Clip the curves and press the seams towards the center front
  4. Follow the pattern to stitch all of your corset pieces together to form the body of the corset. Apply Interfacing to the back facing pieces.

  5. To form boning channels you will need to cut out 1" strips of cotton and pin them to your corset seams. Ensure the seams are flat by pressing them with an iron.

  6. To insert your boning cut the boning pieces the length of your channel cutting 3/8"s of an inch off to ensure the channels can be sewn shut without damaging your needle and your corset. To ensure the boning stays in place take a nail file and file the ends until they're smooth.

  7. Once you have applied the boning to the corset sew all of your boning channels shut on the top and bottom of the corset. After folder over the back facing pieces by 1/2" and stitch to seal the back of the corset.

  8. I decided to decorate this corset since the costume called for it. To do this I laid 1/2" black ribbon over the front seams of the corset. gently pinning the ribbon in place. Carefully stitch being careful around the curves.

  9. To seal the ends of your corset apply twill tape to the top and bottom. Ensure that the twill tape fully encases the raw edges of the corset and stitch carefully.

  10. After this, you will mark out spaces for your grommets and install them. This pattern calls for 7 but you may use as many as you desire.

  11. Use twill shoe lacing to lace up the corset

  12. Moving on to the skirt cut out the skirt pattern in the size that matches your waist measurement.

  13. With right sides together sew the waistband pieces together

  14. Taking the front skirt pieces and back pieces. Pin them together at the sides and stitch leaving the back pieces open to install the zipper.

  15. Pin the waistband to the skirt front and fold it over on the wrong side of the fabric to hide the raw edges and stitch.

  16. Lastly, you will install your zipper using a zipper foot. Complete the skirt by sewing down the back from the zipper.

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