DIY Cosplay Meets the Kitchen with Zelda Inspired Tutorial

DIY Cosplay Meets the Kitchen with Zelda Inspired Tutorial

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DIY Cosplay Meets the Kitchen with Zelda Inspired Tutorial

Cosplay isn't just for conventions sometimes it's for home too! In this post, I'm going to show you how to make your very own cosplay inspired apron so you can be your favorite character even on Taco Tuesdays! My apron was Legend of Zelda inspired but with this pattern your options are endless! Let's get started!


      • 2 yards of cotton
      • 1 yard of contrast fabric
      • 1/2 yard of applique fabric (felt or cotton works well!)
      • 1/2 yard of iron-on interfacing
      • 4 yards of bias tape (or 1 yard of fabric if you make your own bias tape)
      • Measuring tape
      • Thread in your chosen colors
      • Sewing pins or clips
      • Sewing pattern 8279
      • Sewing machine
      • Iron


      6 hours




      1. Take your bust, waist, hip, and back neck- waist measurements to figure out what size pattern is best for you. Cut out the pattern pieces following the cutting guidelines as provided on the instruction sheet. For this Apron, I used pattern pieces 2,3,4,6,7,10,11, and 12

      2. Starting with the bib you will cut out your appliques and fuse them to your interfacing using an iron. After this, you will arrange your placement on the bib of the apron.

      3. Next, you will prepare your bib straps. Fold the neck strap in half lengthwise with the right sides together and stitch. Turn the right sides out and press them flat. You should have 2 straps upon completion. Once you have done this, you're going to carefully lay the straps onto the pip and then lay the other side of the bib on top with the right sides together. Stitch carefully making sure to take caution when sewing on the curves.

      4. It's time to add bias binding to the bib. Following the pattern instructions, you will turn the bib right side out and press it so that it's flat. Next, you will take your bias binding and pin or clip it to the bib on both sides and sew.

      5. Prepare the skirt by sewing all of your skirt pieces together and pressing the seams towards the skirt side sections. Your skirt should resemble a half-moon.

      6. To finish the bib, you will need to complete the waistband by stitching pieces 6 & 7 with the right sides together. Then fold the ends in half lengthwise with right sides together and stitch the ends.  You will then turn the ends right side out and press.  Once this is complete pin the waistband to the bib matching the centers and stitch. Your bib is now complete.

      7. You will follow step 4 again and apply bias binding to the sides and lower edges of the skirt. Take caution to ensure that the bias is applied securely to the curves.

      8. Complete your apron by pining the upper edge of the skirt to the waist band. Ensure that your waistband is well aligned with your skirt and stitch.

      You have now made your very own cosplay inspired apron! Great job! Dinner time just got a whole lot better!

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