DIY Fabric Thanksgiving Projects

DIY Fabric Thanksgiving Projects

Craft your own fabric Thanksgiving decors, like pillows, aprons, table runners, banners, & potholders, with these free sewing and quilting project tutorials.
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This season craft your own stylish, Thanksgiving-themed fabric decor. Get inspired with the five, free Thanksgiving sewing project tutorials, and a bonus free Thanksgiving quilting project tutorial, listed below. With only a few pieces of fabric, and basic sewing supplies, you can craft your own pillows, apron, table runner, banner, and potholder. These projects are quick, easy, and fun. Thread your needles, and let’s begin.

Thanksgiving Sewing Projects


1. Wool Applique Acorn Pillow Project

Sew a stylish, fall-themed pillow adorned with decorative acorns. With only some felt, fabric scraps, muslin, filling material, and sewing supplies, this Wool Applique Acorn Pillow Project is quick, fun, and easy. Use this pillow to show off some fall colors this Thanksgiving


2. Color Block Candy Corn Pillow

This chic, contrasting colored pillow will stand out at any Thanksgiving get-together. Using only a few yards of colored fabric, a cushion insert, and basic sewing supplies, craft your own Color Block Candy Corn Pillow. Adorn your living room, dining room, or bedroom, with this multi-colored, fall-themed pillow.


3. Thankful Apron

Cook turkey in style this Thanksgiving, with a homemade apron. With only 2 yards of cotton fabric and some basic sewing supplies, this Thankful Apron is fun and easy to sew. We recommended using patterned cotton fabric to make the apron really stand out. Give a thoughtful handmade gift or wear it at home this Thanksgiving.


4. Ruffled Burlap Table Runner

Make this modest, harvest themed burlap table runner for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Depending on the size of your table only a few yards of burlap and cotton fabric, in addition to a few basic sewing supplies, are needed. This Ruffled Burlap Table Runner is a quick project, that is fun and easy to make. In addition to Thanksgiving, this table runner can be used throughout the fall.


5. Mini Thanksgiving Banner

Welcome guests to your home and write other thoughtful messages on this Mini Thanksgiving Banner. Using only a few pieces of felt, ribbon, and basic sewing supplies, this mini banner is a fun and easy sewing project. Make a colorful statement this Thanksgiving holiday with this Mini Thanksgiving Banner.


Bonus: Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern

6. Patchwork Acorn Potholder

Protect your hands from the holiday kitchen heat with this quilted potholder. Using only fabric scraps, fusible interfacing, and basic quilting supplies, you can make your own Patchwork Acorn Potholder. Give this stylish, patterned potholder as a gift or use it around the kitchen this fall.



Decorate your home or give a handmade gift this season with Thanksgiving fabric decor. Try one of these free, easy, and quick Thanksgiving sewing or quilting projects, or be inspired and make something unique. Visit our fall fabric collection, to see all of our autumn and Thanksgiving-themed fabric in a single, convenient location. But most importantly, Fabric Wholesale Direct would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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