DIY Glamorous Peplum Top Sewing Tutorial

DIY Glamorous Peplum Top Sewing Tutorial

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DIY Glamorous Peplum Top Sewing Tutorial

A glamorous shirt for the office, a nice dinner date with your other half, or just have a top for everyday use, no matter the occasion, this shirt will be the one for you.



2-3 hours




  1. As always, here is the first photo of what everything you will need laid out. 

  2. When laying down the patterns on the fabric, be sure you cut pattern number 1 and 6 on the fold.  Repeat this step on the Black Satin Fabric, this will be used for the lining of the top.

  3. Next, we’re going to pin all the pieces together like shown above. Match/Pin the front(1) with the side front piece (2) Following this,the side front to side back, then pin the side back (4) to back (3). After pinning everything, go ahead and sew the pieces together.

  4. Moving on to the next step, we’re going to pin and sew together the peplum skirt together like shown above. Repeat this step for the lining.

  5. After sewing the Peplum, we’re going to sew them onto the bodice pieces. This is also a great time to alter the pattern to make it fit you best, In the photo above you can see I brought in Front(1) bodice in a little bit so it can be more firm fitting around my busts.

  6. Now, we’re going to face the “right” side of the fabric together and pin together the “wrong” side of the fabric together. Be sure to leave an opening on one of the sides in order to turn the garment inside out.

  7. Once garment is turned inside out. We’re going to sew the straps together at ¾ of an inch.

  8. Finally, it’s time to sew on the zipper in the back! I used a 16” inch zipper for this garment. Once you’re done sewing, you’re ready for your night out!


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