DIY Cosplay Gothic Dress for Queen Eclipsa Tutorial

DIY Cosplay Gothic Dress for Queen Eclipsa Tutorial

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Cosplay can be bright and summer and it can be dark and macabre! I tend to love both sides so in this next cosplay creation guide we will be making a gothic dress for Queen Eclipsa from the Disney XD series "Star VS The Forces of Evil"



6 Hours




  1. Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements transfer your markings. You can lengthen the skirt pieces and the sleeve pieces should you desire.

  2. Stay stitch the neck edge and create darts in the front bodice using the pattern piece to guide the width of your darts.

  3. Using the same method as step 2 you will repeat this step on the back pieces of your bodice and make darts.

  4. Attach the bodice and back pieces at the shoulders and side seams.

  5. Moving on to the skirt you will stitch the 2 back pieces together in the middle.

  6. To finish the skirt you will lay your skirt back piece on top of your front skirt piece and sew them together at the side seams.
  7. Taking the pieces for the sleeves (I lengthened mine as seen in the picture) you will sew 2 channels of stitching on the loosest stitch function on your machine. Taking the lower stitch you will gently pull the thread to gather the sleeves.

  8. Sew your sleeve pieces together at the side seams and then turn them inside out to form the sleeve of your dress.

  9. To attach your sleeves to the bodice you will turn the bodice inside out and pin your sleeves right sides together. Take your time and gently gather the upper edge of the sleeves to fit the bodice. Once you have the right fit gently sew the sleeves into place and turn the bodice right sides out.

  10. To create Eclipsa's I created my own pattern for the neckband, her bib, and her half-moon applique.

  11. I attached the neckband to the bib and then cut out 36 x 4" of fabric to create ruffles.

  12. Then I attached the ruffles and the neckband to the bib along with the half-moon applique.

  13. To make the bib wearable I attached some clasps on the very ends.

  14. Moving back to the dress you will line up your skirt with the bodice making sure to match your seams. Once your seams are aligned carefully stitch the bodice and skirt pieces together to form your dress.

  15.  Lastly, you will install your invisible zipper by gently pinning the zipper into the opening on the dress. Take your time and ensure to line up the seams with the zipper teeth and then stitch using a zipper foot. Once the zipper is installed you may go back and unpick the skirt pieces to reveal the sewn zipper.

After this, your gothic dress is now complete and you are ready to take on the night!


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