DIY Makeup Brush Case Tutorial

DIY Makeup Brush Case Tutorial

A DIY Makeup Brush Case Sewing Tutorial Using Canvas Fabric

There is a craze sweeping the nation inspired by a Netflix series you may have heard of called "Tidying Up". People everywhere are organizing their belongings, sorting through their junk to spark joy, and getting on the Spring cleaning bandwagon a little ahead of schedule. One place that many women have trouble keeping organized is their makeup products.

Makeup comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, gets changed out often, and can frankly make a lot of mess. One of the few things in a collection that will stick around for longer than the makeup itself are the brushes. They come in a variety of sizes, and most people have collected them over time, so they don't necessarily match or fit into a standard organizational tool. They also collect powder, and so they can make a mess very easily.

In order to Marie Kondo your makeup brushes, why not make a custom makeup brush travel case? This design is simple to create, allows you to make slots for any size brush, and is even washable! You will use 2 layers of waterproof canvas with a thin layer of batting in between for the base. Then, sew a half sized piece on top and sewed down the front of it to create little slots for the brushes. Double folded bias tape makes for a no-brainer trim and is also used in creating a tie for the case at the edge. When you want to take your brushes with you, just roll up the case and tie it closed. If it gets dirty, just rinse it off!


  • 1/3 yard Thin Batting and 2 types Waterproof Canvas Fabrics ( I used 1/2 yard of Ottertex Canvas Printed fabric in Trellis White and 1/4 yard of Ottertex waterproof canvas in coral)
  • 3 feet of Black Double Folded Bias Tape
  • White and Black Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine


2-3 hours




  1. Cut 3 rectangular pieces 8.5" x 17" in your outside and inside canvas fabrics, as well as your batting. Cut another piece of the outside canvas fabric into a 5" x 17" rectangle.

  2. Take your short rectangle and sew a 17" strip of bias tape along the top edge using black thread. The bias tape should wrap around the front and back sides to cover the edge completely.

  3. Take your inside canvas fabric and lay the short rectangle on top of it. Pin the fabric together at 1"-2.5" spacings to create pockets for your brushes. Take out all of the brushes you plan to store and make sure there is a pocket for each one. Sew along each of the lines using white thread.

  4. Stack your inside layer, batting, and outside layer together with the wrong sides of the fabric touching the batting, pin them around the edges, and sew them together at the edge. To keep the layers from shifting, align your pins perpendicular to the edge of the fabric.

  5. Take the remaining bias tape and sandwich it around the edges of the fabric, starting and ending where you want to attach the ties. Sew the bias tape on using black thread and stop to rotate at the corners. Leave about a 1" section not completed at the end.

    The final step is to create the tie. Cut off whatever remaining bias tape you have, making sure there is enough to close off the edge where you left 1" open. Take this piece and sew all along the open edge of it to make a closed loop. Fold the bias tape in half and place the folded edge below the outside edge of the case where the 1" opening is. Fold the remaining bias tape around it and sew along the edge to close up the case and attach the ties at the same time.

Slide your makeup brushes in, roll up the case and tie it closed! You're all done!

This Tutorial was created by Julia Bleck of Bunny Baubles Blog

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