DIY Norah Nightgown Video Tutorial

DIY Norah Nightgown Video Tutorial

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DIY Norah Nightgown Video Tutorial

Hello friends! I have a special treat for you today! I am sewing a nightgown that is not only comfortable to wear but will make you feel extra special for Valentine ’s Day or any special occasion this year.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised at how quickly this came together. The lace is very soft and the cotton jersey was perfect to line the bodice of my nightgown.



2-3 hours




  1. Select your size in the pattern based on your bust and hip measurements. I cut out my bodice pieces based on my full bust measurement and cut the skirt pieces based on my hip measurement.
  2. After selecting your size, print, tape, and cut out your pattern pieces.
  3. Now, you can watch me sew the pattern! I demonstrate each step of the way!

  1. You are finished! Thanks for sewing with me today. I hope you enjoy your sexy nightgown!

This tutorial was created by Sharon Aguilar from the Sweet Mama Life.

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