DIY Reversible Velvet Stocking Tutorial

DIY Reversible Velvet Stocking Tutorial

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There are two very quintessential Christmas decorations which depict the start of the season: the Christmas tree and the stockings hung on the mantle! While the entire family shares the Christmas tree, each person in the family usually has their own stocking, and they stay constant from year to year. In order to be able to change things up depending on your decorating scheme, why not make velvet reversible Christmas stockings instead?

It couldn't be simpler to create these reversible stockings to hang on your mantle using the general principle of a lining. Start by tracing out a general stocking shape. This can be done but drawing a large outline around a sock, or by free-styling it. Once you have a pattern, cut two stocking pieces in two different colors of velvet fabric. You place each matching piece on top of one another with the right sides of the fabric touching and sew around the curved edges. Take one stocking, turn it right side out, and slip it inside of the other stocking. Sew the top edges together to connect them, leaving a small hole to flip the stocking right side out. Pull the inside out layer through the opening, close it up, and stuff one color inside of the other to reveal a solid colored stocking which can be swapped for the lining fabric color at any time!

These stockings can also be customized using embroidery to add names, trimming the top edge with fur, or gluing embellishments to the different layers, making this a fun project for the entire family! Check out the full tutorial below.



1 hour




  1. Start by making the pattern for your stocking by taping a few pieces of paper together along the wide edges, and then taking a sock and tracing around it in a very oversized manner (or free hand the pattern if you like). Cut out the pattern.
  2. Fold your fabric in half with the right sides of the fabric touching and pin the pattern on top. Cut around the pattern, making sure to cut about 1/2" around the edges of the pattern if you did not include seam allowances in your pattern. Repeat for the other fabric.

  3. Pin around the curved edges of your stockings and sew around them about 3/8" from the edge of the fabric. Sew around the straight stitch with a zig zag stitch to add strength to the seams.

  4. Turn one of your stockings right side out and slip it inside of the other stocking, lining up the top edges of each. Pin the stockings together around the top edge and sew about 3/8" from the edge of the fabric, leaving a hole large enough for your hand on the side where a hook would go.

  5. Pull the inside out layer through the hole to reveal the right side of the fabric for both layers. Push one color layer inside of the other again so that one color is on the outside and one is the lining.

  6. Create the hanger loop for the stocking by cutting a strip of fabric about 3" x 10" long, fold it over in the long direction, and sew along the edge. Use a chopstick or a pencil to help you turn the loop right side out.

  7. Fold the loop in half and slip it inside the hole left in the top of the stocking. Sew the hole closed, securing the loop in the process.

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