DIY Schitt's Creek Halloween Costume Tutorial: Moira Rose

DIY Schitt's Creek Halloween Costume Tutorial: Moira Rose

DIY Schitt's Creek Halloween Costume Tutorial: Moira Rose

One of the biggest shows on TV this year is Schitt's Creek. With numerous Emmy's and thousands of fans, it's characters are super recognizable and SO funny! One of the best, and most outrageous, characters on the show is Moira Rose.

Moira is the mother of the Rose family and a truly a fashion icon. She is constantly changing her look, while keeping very much on brand - black, white, a whole lot of accessories, red lipstick, and always a wig! One of her most iconic looks from the show was a white turtleneck tee, topped with a Raf Simons for Jil Sander gown. Resembling more of a trash bag than anything else, she tops the look with her classic blonde wig, silver cuffs, and layers of chain necklaces. Though it requires a bit of assembly, this look isn't that hard to pull off for Halloween!

This tutorial will show you how to create the black dress and silver cuffs, and all you need to do is add the white shirt, wig, and necklaces to complete the look. The black dress essentially consists of two large rectangular pieces for the bodice, two long rectangular pieces attached at the waist to create a tie, and one small rectangular piece pleated and attached to the top in a heart pattern. You will also cut the top edge of the dress to create a sweetheart neckline, though the ITY fabric doesn't shed, so no hems are required on this costume!

The silver cuffs are made from common household items - toilet paper rolls and tin foil! That's it!

Take a look at the instructions below to create your own Moira Rose costume.

DIY Schitt's Creek Moira Rose Costume - Dress





1-2 hours


  1. Cut two large BODY rectangles 60" long x your hip measurement, two long WAIST rectangles 60" long x 15" wide, and one small PLEAT rectangle 45" x 10" from the ITY fabric. Take the BODY rectangles, fold them in half the long way, and cut a 25" long taper from the long side to the top edge. The top edge (when folded) should be your bust size minus 6 divided by 2. For instance, with a bust size of 36" and hip size of 40", the top edge width would measure 15" and the width of the lower portion of the body would be 20". The taper from the 15" section to the lower section should be 25".

  2. With your BODY pieces cut to size, lay one down and then line up the WAIST rectangle on the 15" wide side with the bottom of the taper. The 60" long side of the WAIST piece should extend toward the center of the BODY piece. Repeat on the other tapered side with the other WAIST piece. Lay the other BODY piece on top of that and pin down the long sides of the dress. Sew along these sides.

  3. Turn the dress right side out. Cut a sweetheart neckline along the top of the front BODY piece.
  4. Next, take the PLEAT piece and create knife pleats along the short edge so you have about 5 small pleats (it does not need to be exact). Pin the pleats and sew them down so they do not move.

  5. To complete the dress, place the PLEAT piece in a heart shape along the sweetheart neckline of the front of the dress. Pin it down and sew along the edges to keep it in place.

  6. Wear the dress by pulling on the strapless section and then tying the long WAIST pieces in a knot at the front twice.

DIY Schitt's Creek Moira Rose Costume - Cuffs


  • Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls
  • Tin Foil
  • Scissors



Time: 10 minutes

  1. Take your toilet paper or paper towel rolls and cut them to be about 4" long. Cut along the tube to make it wide enough to fit around your wrist like a cuff.

  2. Take a sheet of tin foil larger than the roll and fold it around the roll to cover it. 


This Tutorial was created by Julia Bleck of Bunny Baubles Blog

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