DIY Tie Sewing Tutorial - Fathers Day Blog

DIY Tie Sewing Tutorial - Fathers Day Blog

This Father's Day might look different for most and making a homemade gift for someone you care about might be a great way to go the extra mile in showing them you care even if you can't travel physical miles to celebrate with them in person. A homemade tie is a great gift for the men in your life because you don't have to worry about fit. You just have to pick a beautiful fabric you know they'll enjoy so even when they're not wearing it, they can hang it up somewhere to admire its beauty and craftsmanship- like a work of art. Or maybe they could use a new tie to spiff up their Zoom meeting attire. There are many reasons why ties are a universally pleasing Father's Day gift. My go-to tie pattern is by Sew Over It. The best part about this pattern is that it's a quick and enjoyable project and the finished product will be easy to send to a loved one with a sweet note along with it. It does involve a good amount of hand sewing but that also makes this the perfect project to sit down and watch some television with. 



    2-3 hours




    1. Wash and dry your fabric. 
    2. When I made this pattern in the past, I found the tie to come out a little short. So this time I lengthened the pattern by 4". To do so, measure up 2" from either side of the tie front and back and draw a line going vertically. Then, connect these lines horizontally. Make sure the lines you drew on each piece match. You will need to do this on your domette pattern pieces as well. 

    3. Cut out your pattern pieces. You should have one tie front and one tie back cut out of your fashion fabric, lining fabric and domette. 

    4. Sew your front and back pieces together along the top diagonal edge as shown in the photo using a 3/8" seam allowance. Press your seam open afterwards.

    5. Pin and sew your lining pieces along the bottom pointed edge of the front and back of your tie. Clip the point of your tie, being careful not to cut through your stitching. 

    6. Flip right side out and press.

    7. Press both long edges of your tie under 3/8" to the wrong side. Place your domette pieces in the center. 

    8. Fold over the long edges of your tie to cover the domette and press. Pin in place. Coat your thread with conditioner and slip stitch the entire seam closed. Press again afterwards so that everything is lying nice and flat.

    9. Your tie is complete and ready to be gifted to someone special! 

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    Crystal Spear

    Crystal Spear

    The pattern lists 1 yard of Domette. What is it and where can it be found? I searched your site and came up empty.

    The pattern lists 1 yard of Domette. What is it and where can it be found? I searched your site and came up empty.

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