How to Choose the Right Wedding Drapery Fabric

How to Choose the Right Wedding Drapery Fabric

Drapery is an important component of wedding décor used to hide unwanted colors as well as provide a wonderful design for any wedding theme or color scheme.

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One of the most noticeable elements of a wedding, party, or special event is the decoration and fabrics. Lengths of white or neutral fabrics that hang from the ceiling or canopy, cover the walls, doors, windows, or other parts of the tent or ballroom form the drapery. It can often be confusing trying to figure out how to design or manage this. That’s why anyone planning their wedding must know how to choose the right wedding drapery fabric. It will save you time and money knowing which drapery you want to have for your special day.

Check the Fabric Style

One of the most important parts of choosing wedding drapery is avoiding stiff or reflective materials. Stiff fabrics do not drape appropriately. Ideal fabrics should flow, wrap, and hang without issues. Stiff fabrics, on the other hand, crumple and bulk out. Additionally, you should keep the reflectiveness of the fabrics in mind. This is especially important during photography and videography, as the reflection from the fabric can ruin the photos or videos. Be sure to opt for a matte fabric to avoid these issues.

Consider the Thickness and Length

Wide fabrics are easy to work with and customize, so you should choose wide rolls. Rolls should be at least 60” wide, although 120” or more is better. The more fabric there is to work with, the easier it will be. Also, consider the thickness of the drapery. Sheer curtains are translucent enough where light travels through, but this also does not allow for much privacy. Opposite to sheer is opaque which blocks light and is not see-through. That’s why many people opt for translucent fabrics as these offer a mix between sheer and opaque, which means these fabrics are lightweight and soft while still blocking some light.

Popular Fabrics

With that in mind, there are some common drapery fabrics to choose from. Satin is a common option that has a shiny side and available in a variety of weights ranging from light to heavy. Chiffon, sheer voile and other polyester blends offer flowy and romantic options perfect for special events, table skirts or even covers.

Pick the Colors

Naturally, pick the colors that match the wedding theme! White is the most common color for traditional weddings, but other colors work well too. Neutral colors keep the event classy and sophisticated, but you can choose any color to highlight your special day. Just remember to watch your budget. Weddings can be costly, so make sure to buy quality drapery from a trusted retailer with the best pricing available.

Fortunately, we offer high-quality  tulle fabric by the yard to create your dream wedding dress or wedding decorations. Tulle is a lightweight mesh netting that is soft and beautiful. While commonly used for crafts and apparel, tulle adds the perfect aesthetic for wedding drapery. After all, it’s a popular fabric for veils, gowns, and dresses. Our tulle fabrics come in various colors and designs to choose from.

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