How To Make Curtains

How To Make Curtains

Read this blog to learn how to make curtains. Sewing curtains is very easy, only requires a few supplies, and is a great way to add style to any space!
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Project Description

Curtains are essential to any space, adding style, privacy, and shade. Finding the right size, color, and texture of curtains can be a daunting task, but did you know that you can easily make your own curtains? Become your own interior decorator and enjoy the limitless possibilities of creating your own curtains.

With only a few supplies needed, and an endless supply of fabric options, customize your own curtains to fit any space. Join us and read along as we discuss the ins and outs of how to make curtains.


What You Will Need

  • Fabric
  • Matching Thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins Or Clips
  • Clothes Iron

How To Make Curtains

STEPS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

STEP 1 Measure

Assuming you already have a curtain rod installed, measure the length from the top of the curtain rod to where you would like the curtains to fall. Add 10 inches to this measurement to account for the hemmed bottom and the rod pocket sleeve at the top.

Next, measure half of the width of your window and add 2 inches to that number. Depending on the style you are looking for, an exact width will give you flat curtains when closed, but you can double that width for a more full-looking appearance.

STEP 2 Calculate And Cut The Fabric

The above measuring guide is for calculating one curtain panel. Using a pair of scissors, cut your fabric to the desired dimensions, two times, for two separate curtain panels.

STEP 3 Hemming The Sides

Fold each side of your first curtain panel over ½ an inch, twice, from the face to the wrong side of the fabric. Next, pin or clip the fabric into place. Then, set your sewing machine to a blind-hem stitch setting, and begin sewing. Lastly, sew both sides of the curtain panel, and repeat this process for your second curtain panel as well.

STEP 4 Hemming The Bottom

Now, fold the bottom of your first curtain panel over by 5 inches, from the face of the fabric to the backside. Pin or clip the fabric into place. Using a blind-hem stitch, sew the bottom hem of the curtain panel. Repeat this step for the second panel also.

STEP 5 Creating The Rod Pocket Sleeve

To create the rod pocket sleeve, fold the top of your fabric, from the face to the wrong side, by 5 inches. Pin or clip the fabric into place, and set your sewing machine to a blind-hem stitch setting. Sew the top of the curtain panel into place, and repeat this step for your second curtain too.

STEP 6 Finish The Curtain Panel

At this point, you have sewn two separate curtain panels, however, your curtains may be slightly wrinkled. Set your clothes iron to the setting that matches the type of fabric you have chosen for your curtains.

Additionally, add a protective layer of fabric over the curtains, and iron the wrinkles out of the fabric. Keep the clothes iron in motion to prevent any damage to the curtain panels.

STEP 7 Hang The Curtains

Finally, the completed curtains are now ready to be hung. Carefully remove the curtain rod from its brackets, and slide each curtain panel onto the rod. Reattach the curtain rod to its brackets, and enjoy your new curtain panels.


In conclusion, curtains are essential, being both practical and decorative. With only a few supplies, you can easily sew your own curtains in less than an hour. Add some chic decor to your space, in addition to shade and privacy with homemade curtains.

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