The Ultimate Guide To Fabric Care 101

The Ultimate Guide To Fabric Care 101

Caring for fabrics differs depending on the type of fabric. Luckily, we have this ultimate guide to fabric care 101 for you here at Fabric Wholesale Direct.

If you want your sewing projects, clothes, and anything else that is made from fabric to last as long as possible, you have come to the right place. With there being a multitude of fabrics out there, it is important that you do your research and learn how to properly care for each fabric. Depending on the fabric, the routine for care may vary. Below is the “The Ultimate Guide to Fabric Care 101” for everything that you would need to know about caring for multiple fabric types. In addition to reading this guide and understanding what needs to be done to care for these different fabrics, just remember also to read and FOLLOW the directions!


Silk is a fine, strong fabric that is made from fiber produced by silkworms. This fabric is known for color bleeding when it’s washed. To ensure that this doesn’t occur, make sure that you test for colorfastness. Colorfastness is looking at whether or not the color will fade or become washed out in the laundry. You can check this in multiple ways, and one common way is picking a spot that isn’t easily seen on the product and putting a white paper towel with detergent on it to see if any of the color transfers from the fabric to the paper towel.

Silk Care: You should either hand wash this type of fabric or get it dry cleaned. Air drying is a must!


There is a multitude of ways that you could ruin this fabric, so making sure to follow the directions is key. If you don’t, the fabric might lose its crispness, or it might shrink or bleed. You don’t want this to be the case for your favorite pair of pajamas or your bathrobe. It is very important to not wring out or twist this item. These tips will help you carefully care for rayon fabric.

Rayon Care: Some of the directions for caring for this fabric include handwashing it in cold water with a mild detergent, as well as ironing it when it is slightly damp.


You have a multitude of cotton in your life, and you probably don’t even realize it. Everything from your socks and probably most of your t-shirts is made of cotton. Cotton is a very easy fabric to take care of. Luckily, it is very hard to mess up and not care for materials made of cotton. You don’t need to get these items dry cleaned.

Cotton Care: All you need to do is use all-purpose detergent and throw it in the wash! How easy is that?


It is important to make sure that you get this fabric dry cleaned. In addition to strictly getting it dry cleaned, you should also never iron it. If there are creases or wrinkles on the fabric, use a steamer to get out. If you do not have one, hanging the item in a steamy bathroom might be helpful as well. Not doing these two things will only damage the fabric and ruin the item altogether. If you are traveling with a velvet product or are packing up your clothes for whatever reason, make sure that you roll these items made of fabric instead of folding them. Doing so will have the best outcome!

Velvet Care: Dry clean only to preserve the life of velvet! Some polyester and cotton velvets can be machine washed, but try a small piece first.


Do you have fabric that resists stains and doesn’t shrink like synthetics? Jackpot! You should wash synthetic fabric with all-purpose detergent and throw it in the washing machine with warm water. You don’t want it to wrinkle or produce static, so just make sure that the dryer is on low when you throw the item in to dry. Unfortunately, a hot dryer might result in wrinkles or static.

Synthetics Care: All-purpose detergent, machine wash, followed by dryer on low settings.


Your carpet, your favorite sweater, and your most fabulous dress are all probably all made from wool. This fabric is extremely durable, which is one of wool’s great attributes. Wool is made from the undercoats of goats, sheep, and other hairy mammals, which makes it a great insulator. It is extremely important that you don’t allow wool to encounter warm water when caring for this fabric. Warm water will cause wool to shrink. With this being the case, you should dry clean this fabric or hand wash it in cold water. Also, use a mild detergent when washing. In addition, if you are going to iron wool, make sure to use a warm or hot iron for best results.

Wool Care: Avoid warm water!! Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent otherwise dry clean only.


Whether you are looking to care for your bed linens or your favorite tablecloth, there are certain ways to care for any of your linens. Linen is made up of fibers from the flax plant and sometimes includes a treatment that makes the fabric “crisp.” This allows for the fabric to wrinkle easily, and because it wrinkles, one should get any linen items dry cleaned or hand wash them in cold water with mild detergent. Make sure to wash colors separately and not wring or twist them out. Some items could be machine washed on gentle as well. Lastly, items made of linen should always be air-dried.

Linen Care: Dry clean only or hand wash in cold water—be wary of wrinkling!

Following the tips and directions provided in this ultimate guide to fabric care 101 will only help you keep your fabrics in tip-top shape! If you don’t follow these directions and tips, it might result in you ruining the item. You don’t want to ruin your favorite shirt because you washed it in hot water instead of cold and it shrunk. Pay attention and care for your fabric the right way!

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The Ultimate Guide To Fabric Care 101

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