Curtain fabric is a decorative covering used for any opening. Woven, knit, or blended with any fibers, Curtain fabric encompasses a broad range of fabrics, each with different characteristics. When searching for Curtain fabric key factors to consider are transparency, style, and flow. Curtains are used for privacy; Curtain fabric can be opaque to totally block any light, but also can be sheer to allow some light to pass through the fabric and not detailed shapes. Also, Curtain fabric is available in many styles ranging from luxurious to modest, and is available with printed patterns, embroidered designs, and sequins. Furthermore, Curtain fabric is sold in different weights and weave types, this affects how the fabric folds, hangs, and falls. Heavy fabric will have a voluminous, full drape, while a tightly woven fabric will have a stiff, rigid drape, and a light-weight Curtain fabric will have a flowy drape when hung. Curtain fabric is not limited to indoor use, and can be treated to be waterproof and mildew resistant.

There are many stylish Curtain fabrics. Curtain fabric can be used on windows and doors for privacy and to block light or allow some light. Waterproof Curtain fabric can be used for shower curtains or outdoors. Additionally, luxurious Curtain fabric can be used for stages, theaters, and backdrops.

Curtain fabric is sold by the yard or in bulk by the roll, both at wholesale prices.

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