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Fusible Weft Interfacing is a very soft and elegant-looking fabric that can be easily fused to other textiles. Sourced or blended from a variety of fibers, this interfacing features an adhesive backing that can be ironed onto a variety of different textiles for added support and softness. Fusible Weft Interfacing is a knit fabric, but it also has threads woven in between each stitching. This interfacing differs from other types of interfacing because it is sturdy like woven interfacing, but is soft and has an elegant appearance like knit interfacing.

Use Fusible Weft Interfacing to add body and comfort to apparel. Add this interfacing to dresses, shirts, costumes, and suits.

Sold by the yard, or in bulk by the roll, shop Fusible Weft Interfacing online at wholesale prices today!
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