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Shop Fabric Glue at Fabric Wholesale Direct. Fabric Glue is offered at the lowest wholesale prices and shipped straight to your door. Fabric Glue is a quick bonding agent that can be used with all fabrics, and most accessories. Fabric Glue can be used in place of sewing with a needle and thread. Use Fabric Glue to combine two pieces of fabric or attach accessories like buttons and sequins to a piece of fabric. Fabric Glue creates a strong, permanent bond between fabrics and accessories. Fabric Glue is washable and will hold up through everyday wear. Additionally, Fabric Glue is clear and can be used discreetly.

These no sew fabric glues can be considered the best glue for fabric projects. Whether used for fashion apparel, décor, or upholstery, Fabric Glue will get the job done. Noticed a rip or tear in a piece of fabric, use Fabric Glue to repair it.

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