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Home Decor fabric is a decorative fabric used for making a home or office more attractive and visually pleasing. Available in a variety of woven and knit styles, Home Decor fabric can be made or blended with any fiber. Home Decor fabric is sold in a variety of colors and patterns, or made with added ornamental embroidery.

Become an interior designer and use Home Decor fabric to add style to any house or office. Home decor fabric can be used to add new colors and patterns to any room, whether on windows, tables, or walls. Additionally, Home Decor fabric can be used for sewing pillows, rugs, and bedding, or even updating and repairing the fabric on existing furniture.

Shop Home Decor fabric at wholesale prices today! Home decor fabric is sold by the yard, or in bulk by the roll, and delivered straight to your front door.

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