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The Ottertex® waterproof canvas fabric is 61/62” wide, 100% polyester, and approximately 0.55 mm thick. This fabric features a canvas front and a waterproof PVC coating on the back. Our selection of wholesale Ottertex® canvas fabric includes extremely versatile and durable material options. It can be used for outdoor furniture, backpacks, special purpose garments, and much more. This multipurpose fabric can transform your patio into a polished outdoor party setting or be used as a waterproof protective cover to shield your boat in the off season. This collection includes our solid, printed, PU solution as well as a non-waterproof cotton duck canvas fabric.

In addition, we now also carry Ottertex® Solution-Dyed Acrylic Waterproof FabricUnlike our traditional wholesale Ottertex® canvas fabric where color is applied to the surface after production, the acrylic canvas has acrylic fibers that are dyed at the earliest stages of production. This creates a color lock before the fiber even becomes a solid yarn, which dramatically increases the fabric's UV resistance and color fastness. The Ottertex® Solution-Dyed Acrylic Waterproof fabric also comes equipped with a 10 year limited warranty.

Bulk canvas fabric roll sizes are approximately 50 yards, but there is absolutely no minimum purchase requirement. All colors are stocked in thousands of yards to satisfy orders of any size.

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