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Quilting Cotton Fabric is a collection of fabrics, sourced from natural cotton, that is used to create decorative quilts. Woven from hypoallergenic, natural cotton, Quilting Cotton is available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Because there are so many different kinds of these fabrics, they differ in their characteristics. Quilting Cotton Fabric is generally soft, but its texture can vary from smooth to coarse, its thickness can range from thin to thick, and its ability to regulate temperature can be breathable or cozy and warm.

Use Quilting Cotton Fabric to craft quilt backs and tops. Thin, breathable Quilting Cotton can be used to make bed quilts that are cool and airy, while thick, insulating fabrics can be used to make warmer ones. Furthermore, use patterned and colorful Quilting Cotton to make ornamental wall-hanging quilts. Shop Quilting Cotton Fabric online at wholesale prices by the yard!
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