Silk Embroidery fabric is a collection of smooth, lustrous, and temperature-regulating fabrics that feature patterns and ornaments, attached to the fabric itself. Woven or knit, Silk Embroidery fabric is primarily sourced from fibrous strands of silk, but it can also be combined with other fibers. The base fabric of Silk Embroidery generally has a smooth, soft texture and a shiny appearance, but it can change after embroidered designs are added. Additionally, Silk Embroidery fabric has low thermal conductivity, meaning the fabric retains heat by trapping air, but it also prevents overheating by wicking moisture. An ornamental fabric, Silk Embroidery can be used for many applications.

An elegant and luxurious fabric, use Silk Embroidery fabric to sew apparel and decors. Create formal attire like suits, ties, dresses, and gowns for weddings, parties, and other events. Additionally, use Silk Embroidery to craft decors like curtains, furniture upholstery, and bedding. Shop Silk Embroidery fabric online at wholesale prices, whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll.
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