Silk Satin is a shiny, smooth textured fabric that is woven or blended from silk fibers in a satin-style weave. Sourced from silk, these fabrics are made in a satin-style weave. Unlike a 1 over 1, plain weave, the warp threads of Silk Satin fabric can float for a long distance before being passed under a weft thread. This allows Silk Satin fabric to be lustrous and smooth since the threads run parallel to one another, and are rarely obstructed.

Silk Satin fabric is used to craft elegant apparel and luxurious decor. Make dresses, gowns, and suits with this fabric for formal events like weddings, parties, and holidays. Additionally, craft undergarments and loungewear with Silk Satin fabric. Furthermore, sew stylish home decor like curtains, bedding, and table covers.

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