Stretch fabric is a flexible, form-fitting fabric that is able to stretch in a 2-way or 4-way direction. Woven or knit, 2-way stretch fabric can be sourced from from many types of fiber, but generally have some amount of spandex. Because of the different types of manufacturing processes involved, the characteristics of stretch fabric may vary. Stretch fabric can be found in heavy or lightweight, flowy or structured, and sheer or opaque varieties. Additionally, stretch fabric can have printed patterns, or be intricately embroidered.

Stretch fabric can be used to craft fashionable apparel and stylish décor. Use stretch fabric to sew dresses, pants, athleticwear, costumes, and SEW much more. Check out our Fabric Wholesale Direct Blog for a stretch fabric estuary skirt sewing tutorial. Additionally, stretch fabric can be used to craft decors like bedsheets, curtains, ceiling draperies, and upholstery.

At Fabric Wholesale Direct, stretch fabric is sold at wholesale prices. Shop stretch fabric by the yard or in bulk by the roll today!

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