Stretch Mesh fabric is a group of stretchy and sheer, net fabrics. This group of fabrics is loosely woven or knit, and they are usually made from a blend of spandex and other fibers. The loose weave means that Stretch Mesh has a transparent or translucent appearance depending on the type, as well as being thermal regulating. Additionally, the spandex content makes this fabric stretch 2 or 4 ways, form-fitting, and comfortable to the touch. Furthermore, Stretch Mesh can be found in many vibrant colors, printed with intricate patterns, or adorned with beads and sequins. 

A stylish and comfortable fabric, Stretch Mesh fabric can be used for a variety of applications. Create garments like activewear and lingerie with this fabric. Lastly, turn Stretch Mesh fabric into cargo nets, sheer curtains, and even upholstery for furniture.

Sold by the yard or in bulk by the roll, shop Stretch Mesh fabric online at wholesale prices today!
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