Burlap (60 Inch)

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100% Jute
60/61 inches
325 GSM
0.95 mm
Hand Wash, Cold; Hang Dry

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Burlap fabric is a coarse, slightly sheer, and durable fabric. Sourced from thick, fibrous, sustainable, and hypoallergenic, 100% jute fibers, Burlap is woven in a loose plain, 1-over-1 style weave. This means the fabric causes less skin reactions than synthetically made fabrics, it is moisture-resistant, breathable, and it is slightly see-through where the woven yarns meet. Measuring 60/61 inches wide, Burlap fabric is 0.95 millimeters thick, has a 325 GSM, and weighs approximately 18 ounces per linear yard.

Use Burlap fabric to sew stylish and rustic accessories or décor. Sew items such as table covers, curtains, fabric flowers, arts and craft projects, picnic blankets, and more! Furthermore, this fabric can be used for industrial accessories like aerated sacks for food, nursey tree root wraps, landscaping fabric, privacy screens, and fencing for gardens.

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Care Instructions

For the best and safest cleaning, it is recommended to wash this fabric by hand with cold water. This fabric should be hung to dry.


What is burlap fabric used for?

As a strong, breathable, and natural fabric, Burlap fabric has a variety of uses and applications. Some commonly found uses of burlap fabric are table covers, rugs, backdrops, and upholstery. Additionally, Burlap is used for storing items as a more breathable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

How to waterproof burlap fabric?

Burlap fabric is not naturally waterproof, but can be made waterproof with the assistance of a waterproofing agent. Many different waterproofing agents can be purchased at your local hardware store. To keep things all natural, wax can be used in place of chemicals to easily waterproof Burlap fabric.

How to paint on Burlap fabric?

Burlap fabric can be used for painting in place of canvas fabric. To paint on Burlap fabric it is recommended to use a primer first so the paint will not absorb into the fabric. Without a primer, Burlap can still be painted on, but the paint will appear to be stained and faded.

How to soften burlap fabric?

Burlap fabric is naturally a very strong fabric, with a coarse texture. Burlap can easily be softened when washed. When washing Burlap, use cold water on gentle settings to prevent fraying. Add fabric softener when washing Burlap fabric to make it softer. Always dry Burlap fabric gently with low heat. Repeat this process, until the desired texture is achieved.

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