Dritz® Elastic Sewing Thread (30 Yards)

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72% Rubber, 28% Polyester
Machine Wash, Hot; Tumble Dry, Hot


Dritz® Elastic Sewing Thread is a stretchy and thin thread that is used for sewing a variety of lightweight fabrics. Made from a blend of 72% rubber and 28% polyester, this stretchy thread comes with 30 yards wound around a spool. Dritz® Elastic Sewing Thread is lightweight, thin, and can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Use Dritz® Elastic Sewing Thread to sew stylish apparel and decors by hand or with a machine. To use this thread, hand wind it on a bobbin and stitch it on the right side of the fabric. Create gatherings, shirrings, and smockings, on a variety of fabrics with Dritz® Elastic Sewing Thread.

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Care Instructions

Machine wash and tumble dry articles containing these threads under temperatures of 200° F

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Dritz® Elastic Sewing Thread (30 Yards)

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