Ottertex® Weed Barrier Landscaping

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100% Polyethylene (PE)
52 inches
234 GSM
0.33 mm
Brush, Wipe and Spot Clean with Mild Cleaning Solution


Ottertex Weed Barrier Landscaping Fabric is a bio-degradable, weatherproof and tear-proof fabric that helps prevent weed growth in outdoor landscaping projects. This is achieved by placing the fabric on top of the soil, which blocks sunlight from reaching weed seeds and prevents them from germinating.

However, despite Ottertex Weed Barrier Landscaping Fabric’s weather-resistant and tear-resistant qualities, this type of landscape fabric is still permeable and breathable. This means that air and moisture can still pass through the fabric, allowing the soil underneath to remain humid and fertile.

The fabric’s permeability also allows the soil to breathe and promotes healthy root growth, making this fabric an excellent choice for use in garden beds or other outdoor planting areas. By preventing weed growth and maintaining healthy soil conditions, Ottertex Weed Barrier Landscaping Fabric can help to ensure the success of any outdoor landscaping project.

Ottertex Weed Barrier Landscaping Fabric is very easy to use and is completely DIY. You simply prep the soil, roll the fabric out and then cover the fabric. 

Ottertex Weed Barrier Landscaping Fabric is made from two sheets of extra strength, cross-woven 100% Polyethylene fibers and weighs 7 oz per square yard.  Which means the fabric is durable enough for landscaping applications yet light enough for transport. 

Care Instructions

Brush or wipe any residue. Spray with a mild cleaning solution and gently wipe the fabric clean. Rinse with water and allow the fabric to fully air dry.

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