5 Types Of Sheer Fabric

5 Types Of Sheer Fabric

Stylish & breathable, Sheer fabric is a see-through fabric used to sew apparel & decor. Read this Top 5 - Types of Sheer Fabric list for the best Sheer fabric.

Sheer fabric is a category of elegant and comfortable fabrics that are semi-transparent and used for fashion apparel or stylish decor. Woven or knit, Sheer fabric measures between 3 (almost translucent) to 100 (opaque) Deniers, a unit measuring the linear mass density of fibers. Sheer fabric is breathable and easy to sew into a variety of garments, draperies, curtains, and more. Here is a list of the 5 most popular types of Sheer fabric right now.

1. Chiffon Fabric:

Chiffon fabric is a shiny, lightweight, fabric that is translucent and can vary on sheerness. Plainly woven with alternating, high twist yarns, Chiffon fabric has a puckered texture with a little amount of stretch. Chiffon fabric can be made with a variety of fibers like silk, nylon, and polyester. Slightly stiff, Chiffon fabric drapes well and is available in a variety of bright colors because it holds dyes so well. Use Chiffon fabric to sew apparel like intimate lingerie, chic blouses, and flowy dresses. Furthermore, Chiffon fabric can be used to craft decors such as curtains and draperies.

2. Voile Fabric:

Voile fabric is a lightweight, smooth, and crisp fabric that is very sheer, almost being transparent. Woven in a tight, plain weave style, Voile fabric is soft and features a high thread count; it is made from combed and twisted fibers, like cotton and polyester. Voile fabric is breathable, sometimes lustrous, and when hung it has stiff drape. Use Voile fabric to sew comfortable apparel like blouses, lingerie, and hypoallergenic baby clothes. Additionally, curtains, bed sheets, and pillows can be made from Voile fabric.

3. Organza Fabric:

Organza fabric is a lustrous, thin, and stiff fabric that is sheer and almost see through. Woven in a plain weave style from silk, polyester, or nylon fibers, Organza fabric is known for the spaces in between the warp and weft threads. Organza fabric is measured in a hole per square inch ratio, with higher quality Organza having the most holes in between the warp and weft threads in a square inch of fabric. Use Organza fabric to sew elegant apparel like bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and costumes. Organza fabric can also be used to craft chic decors like curtains, draperies, and table runners.

4. Gauze Fabric:

Gauze fabric is a soft, breathable, and flowy fabric that is sheer and can vary in translucency. Woven in a loose, open leno weave style, Gauze fabric is made with cotton, silk, and polyester fibers. The first documented Gauze fabrics imported to Europe were from the Middle East during the 13th century. Gauze fabric can be used to sew comfortable and breathable apparel like blouses, dresses, and hypoallergenic baby garments. Decors like curtains and blankets can be made with Gauze fabric as well as medical bandages.

5. Tulle Fabric:

Tulle fabric is a lightweight, thin, and shiny fabric that is sheer and very translucent. Like netting, Tulle fabric is woven with fine threads made from silk, nylon, and polyester. Tulle fabric can range in texture from soft and flowy, to stiff and poofy. Tulle fabric can be used to sew elegant apparel like bridal veils, lingerie, and ballet tutus to name a few examples.


In conclusion Sheer fabric is an evolving group of fabrics whose popularity changes with the most current style trends. Different Sheer fabrics may vary in their characteristics, but all Sheer fabric is transparent in a unique and fashionable way. Check out this Sheer fabric Collection or read some more FWD Blog Articles to get inspired to sew your own Sheer fabric apparel or decor! Agree? Disagree? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment bellow.

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