Can Fabric Be Recycled?

Can Fabric Be Recycled?

Does throwing away fabric harm the environment? Check out this blog, “Can Fabric Be Recycled?” to learn how to save the planet by recycling and reusing fabric.


Are you harming the environment by throwing away fabric? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 85% of our fabric ends up as waste in landfills. Fabric production and fabric waste cause many negative impacts on the environment. Fabric is easy to recycle, and there are many benefits to doing it.

Is Fabric Polluting Our Environment?

The United Nations Environment Program and Economic Commission for Europe reports that fabric production is responsible for over 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of global water waste. Vast amounts of natural resources, forests, water, and oil are required for the fabric production process, recycling fabric means that less raw fabric will have to be produced resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions and global water waste. Additionally, recycling fabric would reduce the number of toxic pesticides, dyes, and gasses released when manufacturing fabric.

How Do You Recycle Fabric?

Approximately 95% of fabric can be recycled as stated by the New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation. Here are some tips on how to recycle fabric. Reuse unwanted fabric for homemade apparel and art projects, or as dish towels, cleaning rags, and tote bags. Additionally, donate fabric clothes, towels, and bedsheets to charities, friends in need, or religious institutions. Furthermore, both for-profit and nonprofit organizations offer fabric clothing drop off bins throughout many communities.

Why Should You Recycle Fabric?

In summary, fabric must be recycled to help save the environment. Not enough fabric is being recycled and most of it is piling up in the trash. If we recycle fabric, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water waste, and toxic pollution. Lastly, there are many convenient and easy ways to recycle fabric. Do you part and start recycling fabric today.

How To Shop For Recycled Fabric:

Shop our Sustainable Fabric Collection for environmentally friendly fabric that is produced with less natural resources and manufactured with less harmful chemicals. Get discounted fabric and help us reduce fabric waste and recycle fabric by purchasing a Fabric Scrap Box. Fabric Scrap Boxes are sourced from returns, clearance items, and factory seconds with an added 60% savings. Finally, be sure to check out our Fabric Wholesale Direct Blog for sewing tutorials and more informative articles.

What are your thoughts on recycling fabric? Let us know what you think and leave a comment below.

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