DIY Medusa from Inhumanes Marvel Comic Series Bodysuit Cosplay Tutorial

DIY Medusa from Inhumanes Marvel Comic Series Bodysuit Cosplay Tutorial

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Knowing how to make a spandex bodysuit is a key superpower every cosplayer should have. With most of our favorite comic book characters and superheroes sporting the stretchy material to fight crime. A spandex bodysuit is a great place to start if you're just getting into cosplay. 

Dear reader, I wanted to make this tutorial for you because of where I was 10 years ago when I was getting into cosplay. There was no pattern for this type of suit at all. I had to learn through trial and error and many failures to get to where I am. It is a blessing that in 2020 we have patterns specifically for cosplay that you can now use to become any character you want to be and I'm going to show you how!

I decided that today with this pattern I wanted to become Medusa from the Marvel comics series "The Inhumans" This cosplay took me 11 hours to make and I am quite proud of it! My wish is that after reading this blog and making a costume from this pattern you too will be proud of your cosplay creation.


  • 3 yards of 4-way stretch spandex
  • 1 yard of contrast 4-way stretch spandex
  • 22" zipper
  • Matching thread
  • Sharp cutting scissors
  • Straight pins
  • A sewing machine zig-zag stitch or serger (Optional)
  • McCall's M7217 sewing pattern
  • Measuring tape


11 hours




  1. Take your bust, waist, hip, and back waist length measurements to figure out what size pattern is best for you. When it comes to the bust measurement follow the pattern guidelines to select the correct cup size. Cut out the pattern pieces following the cutting guidelines as provided on the instruction sheet. For this cosplay, I used pattern pieces 1,2,5,6,7,8,10,11,12, and 13.

  2. Pin bodice piece 1 to bodice piece 2, this pattern has curves so take your time when matching the pieces together. Once you're confident you have pinned them together take them to your machine and stitch. You will be left with 1 bodice front panel.

  3. Next, you will carefully pin piece 5 to piece 6 and stitch. You will be left with 2 bodice side front panels.  At this point, you should have 4 pieces of your bodysuit. 2 front bodice panels & 2 bodice side front panels.

  4. Pin 1 front bodice panel and 1 bodice side front panel together and stitch. Do the same for the other 2 remaining pieces.

  5. Pin piece 7 to piece 8 and stitch them together carefully making sure to follow along the curves of the pieces.

  6. Stitch front and back together at the shoulders.

  7. With the wrong sides together fold the collar (Piece 11) on the fold line and pin it into place. now you will pin the collar to the neck edge carefully matching it with the center back. Stretch the collar to fit around the neckline when pinning and stitching.

  8. To prepare the bodysuit for zipper installation stitch the back sections together at the center back.

  9. Now it is time to install the zipper. I prefer to hand-stitch zippers when using spandex. To do this I turned the bodysuit inside out and laid the zipper its wrong size on the right side of the fabric and pinned it to the edges. Take your time when doing this to ensure the zipper is even on both sides and then stitch.

  10. Stitch bodysuit front and back together at sides.

  11. Pin piece 10 and stitch the seams together to form your sleeves. Hem the bottom of the sleeve if you so desire.  With right sides together, pin sleeve into armhole, placing large circle at the shoulder seam. Stitch into place. You will do this for both sleeves.

  12. Pin pieces 12 & 13 together to form your pant legs. Pin both sides carefully and stitch. You should be left with 2 pant legs at this point you may hem the pant legs now. Taking the bodysuit you will pin the upper edge of the pants to the upper edges of the costume matching the seams together and then stitch slowly.

You have now completed your first spandex bodysuit! Time to schedule your superhero or Supervillain cosplay photoshoot!

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