DIY Spring Outfit Tutorial

DIY Spring Outfit Tutorial

DIY Spring Outfit Tutorial

Springtime is in the air and that means it's time for two things cleaning out your house and putting together a beautiful spring outfit to wear! Show off all that hard work you put in and go hang out with all your friends in a park, which would complement the radiance you would bring.



2 hours




  1. Here are all the materials that we will be working with today. The blue floral fabric on the left is going to be used for our main fabrics while the white is going to be used as our lining.

  2. After cutting the PDF patterns, we’re going to lay the main fabric and lining fabric on each other . Be sure to align the peplum skirt and the bodice front with the fold of the fabric. Along with the straps if you choose to make your top have straps. (I’m making mine strapless for the tutorial)

  3. Next, we’re going to pin the shorts pattern front together along with the short backs. Notice in the photo above, I’ve pinned along the curves of the shorts together. This is where we’re going to sew the seam. Repeat the process for the lining and the main fabric.

    Afterwards, it’s time to sew the lining and the main fabrics together.  When pinning the crotch area and side seams of the front shorts and the back shorts pieces together , make sure the ‘inside/wrong side’ of the fabric is facing you. Sew the crotch and side seams together. Once finished, you’re going to take 1” elastic and use it for the waist band.

    Continuing on working on the garment inside out, we’re going to take the top of the fabric and fold it over the elastic, pinning as we circle around the shorts. Make sure to leave a small opening so you can easily slide out/in the elastic.  Once you successfully pinned around the top of the shorts, you’re going to pull out the 1” elastic that you used as a template for the waist. Using your sewing machine, sew what you just pinned. Again make sure that there is a small opening for the elastic.

    Now with the finished waist seam, we’re going to get a safety pin and pin it to the edge of the 1” elastic. We’re going to then put the elastic through the waist hole and use the safety pin to assist you in pulling the elastic around the waist of the garment. Once you get the elastic out on the other side of the opening, you're going to sew both elastic edges together.

  4. This is what the shorts should look like after step 3. Now, we’re going to hem the bottom of the shorts.

  5. Moving onto the peplum top garment, after all pieces are ready and cut, we’re going to pin the garments like shown above. Pinning the top piece in the following order of what is said on the patterns : Back,Side back, Side Front, Front, Side front, side back, back. Next, it’s time to sew on the peplum skirt to the main bodice like shown above. Repeat this step for the lining.

  6. Repeat step 5 for the lining piece. Once finished you're going to align both the bodice and the lining of the bodice together with the “wrong” side facing you. Like shown above, pin everything together then proceed to sew. Make sure you leave a side open, not sewn together. This is how we’re going to turn the garment inside out.

  7. Using the opening of the garment, you’re going to flip the top inside out where the vibrant colors are now showing on the outside instead of the front. Afterwards, it’s time to sew together the zipper.
  8. Final piece of what the top should look like! Then finally, put together both the Peplum top and the shorts together, and you now have a beautiful Spring fit.


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