DIY Sewing Tutorial  Yukata Cosplay Using Fabrics

DIY Sewing Tutorial Yukata Cosplay Using Fabrics

Check out this detailed DIY sewing tutorial on creating a Yukata robe. Learn how to tailor a Yukata robe using your favorite fabrics from FWD.
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Project Description

How many times have you seen your favorite anime or manga character drawn in traditional Japanese festival style? I know for me, many times before! That's why in this tutorial, I'm going to show you got to make your very own Yukata robe for cosplay! Tailor this Yukata to any character you want for your project!


Here's what you will need!

DIY Yukata Cosplay Tutorial

STEPS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

STEP 1 Cutting The Pattern

Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements.

STEP 2 Stitch The Edges

Staystitch the front and back neck edges then stitch front to back at shoulder seams..

STEP 3 Pin Lining To Sleeve

With right sides together pin lining to sleeve leaving raw edges even. stitch between small dots and backstitch to reinforce.

STEP 4 Sew Lining

Your sleeve should now resemble a pair of pants. Sew down the center to the left of your outer fabric and the right for your lining.

STEP 5 Seam Mathcing

Bring the lower edges of the sleeve and lining together with right sides touching each other. Match the seams and pin before stitching.

STEP 6 Stitch & Hem

Turn sleeves inside out and stitch down the sleeves leaving an 8-inch opening for the arms. Turn the sleeves right side out and hem the opening to complete.

STEP 7 Pin Sleeves To Yukata

Pin sleeves to both sides of the yukata at the shoulders.

STEP 8 Stitching The Yukata

With right sides together stitch both sides of the yukata at the back, leaving the side seams open.

STEP 9 Lining

For the yukata lining repeat the same steps at the yukata outer fabric.

STEP 10 Pin & Stitch

Following the pattern with right sides together pin yukata lining to the yukata and pin leaving an opening for the sleeves and stitch.

STEP 11 Turning & Pressing

From the neck opening, turn yukata right sides out and press.

STEP 12 Sewing Seams

Sew the side seams off the yukata together.

STEP 13 Interfacing

Moving on to the neck and waist obi interface your pieces using fusible interfacing and a hot iron.

STEP 14 Stitch Neckbands

Right sides together take the interfaced neckband pieces and stitch them together.

STEP 15 Press Neckband

Turn up 1/2 inch of fabric on the bottom of the neckband and press. Then with the right sides join the ends of the neckband together and stitch. Turn the neckband right side out and press.

STEP 16 Pin Neckband To Yukata

Pin the neckband to the yukata and stitch it making sure not to catch the folded side.

STEP 17 Attaching Neckband

Turn the neckband to the inside and pin using the folded edge to seal the raw edges & press.

STEP 18Interfacing

Following the pattern interface the obi sash, knot, and bows.

STEP 19 Stitch The Obi Sash

Pin the obi sash right sides together and stitch leaving an opening to turn the obi right side out. Clip the corners and then turn the obi right side out. Slip-stitch the opening shut and press.

STEP 20 Hook & Eye

Hand sew hook and eye snaps to the ends of the obi sash.

STEP 21 Obi Support

Following the pattern repeat the same step for the obi support, cutting a piece of cardboard 7x12" and inserting it into the opening. Stitch the open end shut.

STEP 22 Sew Obi Support

Using the pattern piece as a guide place the obi support onto the sash and hand sew in place on the top and sides to form the knot.

STEP 23 Obi Pillow

For the obi pillow, repeat the same steps for the sash and insert stuffing to form the pillow. Slip-stitch opening closed.

STEP 24 Inserting Obi Pillow

Insert obi pillow into support knot.

STEP 25 Pin Obi Ties

Following the pattern take your obi ties and pin them right sides together leaving an opening to turn them inside out. Slip-stitch the opening and press the pieces.

STEP 26 Pleats

Using the pattern piece as a guide form pleats in both obi ties and stitch.

STEP 27 Stitch Obi Ties

Pin the obi ties to the back of the obi sash and hand stitch through the thickness.


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