Spring Fairy Cosplay Tutorial

Spring Fairy Cosplay Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to create a mythical fairy costume for your cosplay using Cotton Voil, Broadcloth, and Poly Silk Lining Fabrics. It's easy to make and a nice collection for your cosplay wardrobe.

Project Description

With the arrival of spring comes the need for cosplays that are light, airy, and blend well with the blooming flowers! To celebrate spring anticipated arrival I'm going to show you how to create a mythical fairy costume.


Here's what you will need!

DIY Spring Fairy Cosplay Sewing Tutorial

STEP 1 Cutting The Pattern

Cut out the sewing pattern and elastic guides following your measurements iron out any creases.

STEP 2 Sew & Hem

Sew pin and sew the sleeve ruffle to the sleeve. Sew the edges with a zig-zag stitch and cut close to the stitching to form the hem.

STEP 3 Insert Elastic

Using the raw edges press and fold and stitch to form the elastic casing. Insert the elastic and with the right sides together sew the sleeve shut and turn inside out.

STEP 4 Attach Sleeves

Stitch the sleeve to the bodice front and back at the armhole. Repeat for both sleeves. Stitch bodice at side seams.

STEP 5 Attach Neck Ruffle

Stitch center front and back seams of neck ruffle. Attach neck ruffle to bodice neckline. Sew elastic along the neckline of the ruffle.

STEP 6 Upper Peplum

Stitch the upper peplum of the dress at side seams with right sides together.

STEP 7 Lower Peplum

For lower contrast peplum repeat the zig-zag hem same as the bodice, neckline, and upper peplum.

STEP 8 Stitch Peplum Pieces

With right sides facing each other stitch peplum pieces together at the side seams.

STEP 9 Join Upper & Lower Peplum

With right sides facing each other stitch lower peplum and upper peplum together matching seams.

STEP 10 Atatch Peplum To Bodice

With right sides together stitch bodice to peplum pieces.

STEP 11 Stitch Elastic

To finish the dress stitch elastic to waist seam.

STEP 12 Checkpoint

Your dress should have a comfortable fit at this step with elastic in the sleeves, neckline, and waist.

STEP 13 Corset Interfacing

Moving on to the corset interface your pieces using fusible interfacing and a hot iron.

STEP 14 Sew Corset Lining Pieces

Following the pattern sew the corset lining pieces together and press seams open to sew in corset boning. Repeat the same for the outer layer sans the boning.

STEP 15 Apply Lace

Apply lace trim of your choice to the outer layer of the corset and stitch.

STEP 16 Sew Lining To Corset

With right sides together sew your lining to the outer corset layer leaving a small opening to turn the corset right side out.

STEP 17 Stitch Edges

Slip-stitch raw edges of opening and press the corset.

STEP 18Insert Grommet

Insert grommets into the corset for ribbon lacing.


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