How to Decorate Your Bedroom Using Fabric

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Using Fabric

There are many uses for fabrics other than apparel or drapery. You can style any room of your house with these tips, especially your bedroom.
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How to Decorate Your Bedroom Using Fabric

It can be challenging to decorate a room with fabric. After all, there’s a lot to consider. Discounted fabrics are your best option because you can repurpose them into whatever project you want them to be. Solids, stripes, and small- to medium-scale patterns also ensure everything blends. For anyone looking to use their extra fabric for something other than clothes, read these tips on how to decorate your bedroom using fabric. It’ll surprise you what you can do with some fabric, a little elbow grease, and some bright ideas.

Restyle a Pillow

One way to spruce up your bedroom with fabric is to restyle your pillow or pillowcase. You can easily create a lumbar pillow from a table runner. Perhaps you want to make your own pillowcase or bolster pillow. No matter what, you can repurpose any pillow or pillowcase with your favorite designs and styles.

Create a Room Divider

You can also create your own room divider. You can hang fabric to divide a room in case you share it with siblings, friends, or roommates. Depending on the fabric, you can also create your own shower curtain and window treatments as well. Just be sure these are water- and weather-resistant to protect against moisture.

Decorate Your Nightstand

Your fabrics are the perfect decoration for nightstands, drawers, closets, and even door handles! All you need to do is cut out the right pattern based on the shape of these pieces and cover them with your favorite fabric. You can cover a tray for a decorative meal in bed, line your dresser drawers, cover the front of your nightstand, or wrap miscellaneous items, like coat hangers or doorknobs, to give them a colorful style.

Make Your Own Furniture and Furnishings

One last tip on how to decorate your bedroom using fabric. If you have sturdy fabric on hand, then there’s nothing to stop you from making your own furniture and furnishings. With a sturdy fabric, you can create a bedroom hammock chair, canopy bed, wall décor, or lamp cover. The possibilities to create your ideal bedroom are limitless.

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