How To Get Fabric For Cheap

How To Get Fabric For Cheap

Are you overpaying for fabric? Check out this blog, “How To Get Fabric For Cheap,” for the best tips & tricks about shopping for discounted fabric by the yard.


Are you overpaying for fabric online? Buying fabric online is easy, just click, pay, and wait for that delivery. According to Stanford University research by Marketing Professor Stephan Seiler only 30% of consumers take advantage of retail promotions. In this blog, “How To Get Fabric For Cheap,” we will discuss 6 tips about the “how’s” to shopping for fabric at on-sale prices. Sit back, relax, and let’s talk about discount fabric.

1. Sign Up For Fabric Store Rewards Programs

Take advantage of the programs offered by many online fabric stores. Many fabric websites have newsletters or email lists; signing up is almost always free. Fabric newsletters or emails can contain coupons or have important information regarding upcoming sales and promotions. Furthermore, fabric retailers may offer a loyalty program in which coupons are earned during purchases.

2. Pick Up From Your Local Fabric Store

Do you have a fabric store or fabric wholesaler in the neighborhood? Many fabric stores and websites offer a free local pickup option at check out. If you do not see this feature, always try calling or emailing them to ask. In some cases, it may be easier for the business to offer a local pickup, than to spend time and resources shipping the fabric. Ask to pick up your next fabric purchase to skip the delivery cost and reduce the amount of time it takes to fulfill your order.

3. Buy Fabric In Bulk

Purchase larger quantities when shopping for fabric. Many retailers will offer discounts on fabric orders greater than one yard. Quantity discounts do not only benefit consumers by offering products at lower prices, but also benefits the business by increasing their sales and lowering their inventories. You can even try combining orders amongst friends to take advantage of larger quantity discounts. Lastly, shopping for fabric in bulk also means that you can save money on shipping costs by ordering less frequently.

4. Shop For Fabric In The Clearance Or On-Sale Section

Scavenge fabric stores and websites for sales and clearances. Fabric stores often offer seasonal, holiday, or random promotions throughout the year. Additionally, fabric retailers may discount items to increase their sales, lessen inventory stocks, and reach out to new customers. Try to visit your favorite fabric stores or websites regularly to take advantage of these deals. Something to keep in mind is that most clearance and on sale fabrics may not be re-orderable as the fabric is likely being discontinued, so be sure to plan accordingly.

5. Avoid Shopping For Fabric In Big Box Stores And Online Marketplaces

Large, online retail establishments like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, & Walmart, may be more expensive than shopping directly from brick and mortar or online fabric stores. Online marketplaces charge fees to fabric stores to list their products on their websites. These fees are then passed on to the consumer with a higher price tag. Chances are the same products are listed on the company’s own website at even more competitive prices because they don’t have to pay the marketplace fees. Bypass the higher prices by avoiding online marketplaces and shop fabric directly from fabric stores and wholesalers.

6. Shop For The Right Amount Of Fabric

Did you know that oftentimes, the same fabric is available in different widths? The reason behind the size variation is the fabric’s application. Fabric measuring 45- and 60-inches wide are generally used for apparel, while 54-inch fabric is used for upholstery and home décor. Fabric is also available in over 118-inch widths for unique purposes such as floor to ceiling windows. Save money on your next fabric purchase and buy a smaller width fabric and avoid any unused leftovers.


In this blog, we discussed ways to shop for fabric at the best discounted prices. We encourage you to check out our store, Fabric Wholesale Direct; all the discount fabric tips we discussed are applicable. Happy fabric shopping!

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Joan Tate

Joan Tate

Hello, does Fabric Wholesale Direct have a local store here in Arizona where I could pick-up any fabric that I ordered? Please let me know. Also, could I obtain fabric samples there?
Thank you.

Hello, does Fabric Wholesale Direct have a local store here in Arizona where I could pick-up any fabric that I ordered? Please let me know. Also, could I obtain fabric samples there?
Thank you.

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