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Stretch Polyester fabric is a group of durable, quick-drying, and stretchy fabrics. Woven or knit from a primary blend of synthetic polyester and spandex fibers, Stretch Polyester Fabric can be manufactured in a variety of different styles. Being made from both polyester and spandex means that Stretch Polyester fabric shares the best qualities of both fibers. Essentially made from the same ingredients as plastic, Stretch Polyester fabric is durable and quick drying. Furthermore, the added spandex gives Stretch Polyester elasticity. These qualities make Stretch Polyester fabric great for a variety of purposes.

Use Stretch Polyester fabric to sew stylish apparel & decors. Craft comfortable, body-hugging apparel like shirts, pants, lingerie, and dresses. Furthermore, make your own snug, quick-drying swimwear, and activewear with Stretch Polyester fabric. Fluid draping decors like bedding, curtains, and table covers, can also be made with Stretch Polyester. Shop Stretch Polyester fabric online, at wholesale prices, whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll.
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