Dritz® 3" Soft-Bra-Back Extender

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Keedil® All Purpose Serger Thread
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Machine Wash Delicate, Cold; Hang To Dry
Extends Up To 3 Inches


Dritz® 3" Soft-Bra-Back Extender is a plush piece of elastic fabric with hooks that is used to make brassieres 3 inches longer. These extenders are easy to attach and do not require any sewing. To add Dritz® 3" Soft-Bra-Back Extenders, just attach the extender to the hooks of a bra band. These extenders blend well with bras and can be used both temporarily and permanently. Dritz® 3" Soft-Bra-Back Extenders are perfect for those who are breastfeeding, experiencing weight fluctuations, or pregnant. Sold at wholesale prices, shop Dritz® 3" Soft Bra-Back Extender online today!

Care Instructions

This extender can be machine washed on a delicate setting with cold water. Use a lingerie bag for extra precaution. It is recommended to hang this item for it to dry.

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