Dritz® Size 3/0 (7mm) Sew-On Snaps - 12 Pack

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12 Count


Dritz® Size 3/0 (7mm) Sew-On Snaps are small snap fastener buttons used for holding overlapping edges of fabric together. Manufactured from brass, Dritz® Size 3/0 (7mm) Sew-On Snaps measure approximately 7 millimeters or 9/32 inches in diameter and come in a pack of 12 balls and 12 sockets. These snaps are simple to install and require no additional tools – just sew each piece directly onto opposite pieces of fabric, and then snap the two pieces together. Dritz® Size 3/0 (7mm) Sew-On Snaps are also rust-resistant and can withstand repeated use over time.

Use Dritz® Size 3/0 (7mm) Sew-On Snaps to open or close accessories, apparel, and gear. Size 3/0 snap fasteners can be added to children’s clothing, adult apparel, shoes, pocketbooks, and other items. 

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