DIY One Piece Body Suit with DTY Fabric

DIY One Piece Body Suit with DTY Fabric

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make a one piece body suit with spandex fabric and serger thread. This body suit is perfect for the summer and is great for beginning sewers.

Project Description

Summer is almost here, and what is a better way to prepare than to make a one piece bodysuit! This is a breezy garment that is easy to put on and be ready for almost any occasion for the Summer.


Here's what you will need!

DIY One Piece Body Suit Tutorial

STEPS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

STEP 1 Pin The Skipper Pattern

To start the project off we’re going to pin all of the skipper pattern to the fabric. Ensure that the bodice back and front is pinned to the fold of the fabric.

STEP 2 Repeat The Step 1

Repeat Step 1 with the bodysuit “underwear” front and back to the fold of the fabric. The only garment pattern that will not be cut on the fold is the sleeve.

STEP 3 Cut Bodices

Here is a demonstration of the bodysuit bodices being cut out along with the “underwear” part of the bodysuit.

STEP 4 Sewing Left Side

Use the pattern on top of the fabric as a template to mark where the crotch seam will be, like shown in the picture. Next, pin and sew the left side of the garment and sew it. We’re going to use the zig zag stitch.

STEP 5 Repeat For Right Side

Like step four, we’re going to pin and zig zag stitch the left side of the garment (our right the garment’s left).

STEP 6 Serge The Raw Edges

This is enforcing what the garment should look like after using the zig zag stitch. If you have a serger, this is your chance to serge the raw edges.

STEP 7 Pinning Garment Bodice

Next, we’re going to be pinning the garment bodice to the panties. Pin the waists together and use the zig zag stitch to sew. For a cleaner look, use your serger for the edges of the garment.

STEP 8 Sewing The Crotch

Now, we’re going to fold the garment “hot dog” style, and pin the right side of the garment together, same with the crotch area.

Optional: instead of sewing the crotch together, you can add snap buttons for easier wear

STEP 9 Checkpoint

This is a checkpoint for what the garment should look like after step 1-8!

STEP 10 Sleeves Sewing

Onto the sleeves! Follow the black lines across the top of the garment. This is where we are going to gather the fabric. Ensure you don’t back stitch when you start sewing and when you reach the end off the sleeve garment. The extra thread is what we are going to use to gather the garment.

STEP 11 Checkpoint

This is an example of the sleeve when the top is gathered.

STEP 12 Making Sleeves

Now, we’re going to fold the sleeve in half and zig zag stitch it shut. After, fold over the bottom of the sleeve over the elastic. Make sure you leave a small opening to slip the elastic band in. Optional: Use your serger to clean up the edges.

STEP 13 Pin The Sleeve

Next, we’re going to pin the sleeves onto the bodysuit at the 5/8” stitch. Then we’re going to insert the elastic in the small openings we left in step 12.

STEP 14 Attach The Sleeve

This is another checkpoint to demonstrate what your garment should look now. We are now on our final step at hemming the collar and bottom.

STEP 15 Finishing

For the collar and panties, we’re going to fold over the garment and stitch at ¼”. Once you’re finishing hemming, you are finally done!


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