DIY Puff Sleeve Star Dress Sewing Tutorial

DIY Puff Sleeve Star Dress Sewing Tutorial

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Project Description

Space Girl by Frances Forever has started to be my favorite song to jam out to as of late. I too, wanted to become my very own Space Gal just like the song was referring to. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to become your very own Space Girl in a space inspired puff sleeve dress.


Here's what you will need!

DIY Puff Sleeve Star Dress Sewing Tutorial

STEP 1 Pin the Bodice

To start off the project, first we’re going to pin the bodice front, bodice back, collar, cuffs and the collar stand onto the lilac fabric. Make sure that the bodice front is on the fold of the fabric.

STEP 2 Draft The Pattern

Next, we’re going to use the pattern as a template to mark the darts like shown above. Use your pins to mark the corners/circles, then slightly lift the paper and mark it with your chalk.

STEP 3 Button Marking

We’re going to make the markings for the buttons like shown above. Just like Step 2, we’re going to use the pattern as a template and pin the markings down. Then slightly lift up the paper and use your chalk to mark where the button is being placed.

STEP 4 Bodice Front

Above is an example of what the bodice front will look like after connecting the dots.

STEP 5 Repeat For Back

Repeat step 2 and 4 for the bodice back.

STEP 6 Pinning The Darts

Now, we’re going to pin the darts together like shown above for the bodice back and pin the pieces together.

STEP 7 Stitch The Darts

Above is an example of pinning the darts together. Use the straight stitch when sewing the darts.

STEP 8 Sewing Side & Shoulder Pieces

After darting the bodice front and bodice back , we’re going to face the “right” side together like shown above and sew the side and the shoulder pieces together.

STEP 9 Attaching Collar

Next we’re going to take the collar stand pattern piece and cut one interfacing and two of the fabrics. After ironing the interfacing on, we’re going to attach the collar stand to the rest of the bodice like shown above.

STEP 10 Sewing Collar

Now, for the collar. Once you cut a pair on the lilac fabric, you’re going to cut another pair on the star fabric, which isn’t shown. Similar to the bodice front and back, we’re going to pin the “right sides” together and leave an opening at the bottom. Flip it right side up and pin and sew it on top of the collar stand like shown above-with the star fabric facing the right side of the bodice.

STEP 11 Checkpoint

This is a checkpoint in your project, to see what everything looks like so far.

STEP 12 Making Sleeves

Onto the sleeves! Cut the sleeve pattern on the star fabric. The red lines are the markings where we are going to gather the fabric together. For the sleeve bands, we’re going to cut a pair of interfacing and iron it onto the lilac fabric like shown above.

STEP 13 Attach Sleeve Bands

After gathering the fabric, it’s time to attach it to the sleeve bands. Fold the sleeve bands in half and pin it to the bottom of sleeves. After sewing the bottom of the sleeves we’re going to fold the sleeves in half like the third photo above. We’re going to pin and sew it together.

STEP 14 Attaching Sleeves To Bodice

Next, it’s time to attach the sleeves to the main bodice. After attaching the sleeves to the bodice, we’re going to attach the buttons. Earlier in the tutorial we marked with our chalk where the buttons will be placed. Unfortunately my chalk was too light for my camera to capture so I used the red circles to make where the buttons should lay.

STEP 15 Pin & Sew The Skirt

Take pattern number 7 and 8 and pin it to the star fabric and the lilac cotton fabric like shown above. Next, we’re going to pin and sew the front skirt with the back skirt. Make sure you don’t connect the back skirt together quite yet.

STEP 16 Attach The Two Skirts

After sewing together the front skirt to the bodice skirt for both the lilac fabric and the star fabric, we’re going to sew at ¼” and attach the two skirts together. Hem the bottom of the two skirts at ¼” as well.

STEP 17 Sew Skirts To Bodice

Next, we’re going to pin and sew the skirt to the bodice at ⅝”.

STEP 18Checkpoint

Once again, another checkpoint of what your project should look like!

STEP 19 Add The Zipper

Onto the zipper! Take your 22” zipper and add it to your back of your dress.

STEP 20 Finishing

We’re also going to add a hook and eye to the back of the bodice at the top, to ensure you get the right fit behind the collar. Then Voila, we are finished with our Space Girl Dress.


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